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  We are professionals who have acquired experience from various arenas in which we have served. We have served others at the local, state and federal levels. We are educators at the high school and college level, business oriented with sports experience at the amateur and professional level, Law Enforcement professionals and advocates for adults and young people aspiring to reach their full potential. E-UP is dedicated to the idea of creating a more perfect union by assisting those for whom we serve with tools required for diversity and equality awareness. Our experience regarding pedagogical and andragogical learning enhances the learning experience for adults and young people. Our experiences provide for a learning environment that is inclusive and breeds confidence allowing participants to expedite their understanding and learning. Leadership Development and Decision Making Skills are essential in today's environment for adults and young people. We also specialize in the athletic skill development of student athletes. We provide a holistic approach to training incorporating techniques to establish equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit. Our associates are well-versed and knowledgeable with unique and diverse experiences.  

We provide education and training sessions in areas seldom offered to adults within government and business or students, including student-athletes. We know through research and experience that this form of training allows for a more proactive and emotionally balanced idividual. Our approach also enhances the overall experience for those responsible for developing these demographics. We are confident in the techniques and training offered yet we continue to analyze and progressively modify our programs based upon new age analytics and research.

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E-UP was created to provide an honest and transparent advocate to assist aspiring leaders with decision making skills essential in today's environment.


We truly care about our partners their desired outcomes, student-athletes and his or her family and we are faithful in our service to you.



We are committed to real results based upon analytics and Evidence Based Practices.


We are committed to real results based upon analytics and Evidence Based Practices.


We passionately believe that it takes a team to assist student/athletes with developing their full potential and we are committed to providing the appropriate services.


While winning is important, we believe that to truly win in any arena, the individual must develop skills enabling them to balance work reponsibilities academics, athletics and family.


We have a heart for the services we offer and a heart for those who serve others selflessly and we strive to provide a needed service to parents, student athletes, coaches and all involved.


E-UP and associates provide practical and proven techniques and strategies that transition outside of sports into other arenas.

We look to improve our programs and resources through analytics, research and experience rather than guess work.


We connect people and resources enhancing the probability for success

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