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"E-UP is not only improving my son's abilities as an athlete, it is also developing him as a young man...Coach Fisher-Davis teaches the kids to "strive for perfection but gain excellence along the way.'"As a parent, I see my son trying to apply that motto to every aspect of his life. E-UP provides a support system to the kids that builds confidence, discipline, and motivation with humility. They are bulding young men and women of character!!!"

- Lamont Houston

"Thanks for providing the training and
teaching session. Having coached youth basketball for over 30 plus years at this point, a number of topics really hit home for me. This is the first time I have participated in a program that outlined the different types of coaching style, traits and parent types in such a straight manner."

- Frank Bates

"The information I learned was helpful especially for being a sports team captain. I look forward to taking this to my team to help there. The information was interesting to learn."​​

- LDA Student

"I enjoyed attending this because it made me become a better person and a better leader."


LDA Student

I have a better handle on strategies to prevent confrontations and I believe this training will benefit my department.

-Law Enforcement Officer

This was the best training I have received over my 32 years in Law Enforcement.

- Law Enforcement Officer

The instructor delivered the material very well and provided insight and understanding. Great instruction.

-Law Enforcement Officer

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