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Equilibrium Up has partnered with the North Carolina Association of Chief’s of Police (NCACP) for over 4 years with the goal of assisting with the holistic development of law enforcement personnel to include sworn and non-sworn. Our goal has also been to improve recruitment and retention by enhancing community interaction between law enforcement and every community. 

Equilibrium Up in partnership with law enforcement and a collaboration with Playtime Edventures LLC, has developed a community initiative referenced as the Kits for Kids (K4K) program. The K4K program will provide kits/units to kids also dealing with trauma, stress, anxiety and various mental episodes due to environment or various circumstances, to include domestic violence, neglect, abuse, vehicle crash etc. (K4K) is another tool designed to assist our youngest and most vulnerable community members. It exemplifies the tenet that “Police are the Public and the Public are the Police”. 

This initiative will allow for corporations and businesses to invest back into the community while receiving tangible evidence of their investment. This includes positive public relations and immediate feedback regarding the financial support graciously provided.

Our goal is to change the narrative and ameliorate the relationships between all first responders and the communities. We intend to extend this program throughout the United States. 

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