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These sessions provide insight into the habits of leaders and the necessary characteristics
needed to exhibit leadership in corporate settings, government, Law Enforcement, and academia, including the classroom, sports arena and life. We offer Executive Leadership, Mid-Level Leadership and First Level Leadership. Regardless of the level being provided we prepare leaders and perspective leaders with actionable tools emphasizing authenticity. Sessions discuss the challenges that certain behaviors place upon leaders and how behaviors influence the culture of an organization.


These sessions are designed to help individuals become the best version of themselves. Being
a better human being only enhances one’s ability to serve others. Everyone has a story, but when that story has a major impact on the life of an individual that story becomes their testimony. These sessions provide tools (soft skills) required to connect human beings. How we serve others and how we see the idea of serving is often determined by the external, what an individual appears to be rather than who they are internally, their heart, soul, and spirit. Through self-reflection, we emphasize experiencing the “who” over the “what”. Authentic human



Self-reflection is the key to self-awareness which is ultimately required to attain social-awareness. Social-awareness is essential in our efforts to learn to understand where others are in their life’s excursion. “Bound by Togetherness” Through Service sessions takes you through the origins of personal character and your reason for existing. Character must be the foundational corner-stone of service and leadership. These sessions prepare you to travel down challenging paths while discussing uncomfortable subject matters. In these sessions you are provided the tools needed to agree to disagree without being disagreeable.


Designed and facilitated by an associate through E-UP referral process. We match the athlete/family with the appropriate associate.  Addresses injury prevention, speed, quick twitch, power, endurance, mobility, etc. Researched referral process.  


Designed to provide parents with factual information and advise regarding an athletic and academic plan specifically for their student athlete. Subjects discussed consists of sports training needs, injury prevention referrals, college prep, recruitment considerations, organization and association selection and more.


Designed to educate coaches on best communications practices. How to develop practice plans. Developing and understanding their individual coaching styles. How to get your athlete to compete. Team building and developing chemistry. How to recognize and develop team leaders. How to establish a culture for your team and how to get your team leaders to assist in establishing the culture. A three-level coaches program designed to enhance coaching skills regardless of level coached.


Actionable tools are provided for real reconciliation, forgiveness, understanding, opportunity, belonging and diversity. Participants leave the initial session empowered to empower others through actions demonstrating "compassionate empathy" as well as appropriate self- reflection and self-awareness. The curriculum is provided through education and information developed by our associates originating from decades of research, personal experiences and as practitioners in various arenas.

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